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What is Business Interruption Plan?

A Business Interruption Plan is a strategy that helps companies recover from losses due to unexpected events that disrupt normal business operations. The plan typically includes measures for protecting facilities, assets, and personnel, as well as procedures for quickly restoring critical business functions and minimizing financial losses in the event of a disruption. This could include things like evacuation plans, backup systems for critical data, insurance coverage, and contingency plans for maintaining operations at alternative locations. The goal of a Business Interruption Plan is to ensure that a company can continue operating even in the face of unexpected challenges.


  • Helps a company prepare for potential disruptions and reduces the risk of damage and loss.
  • Provides a clear roadmap for responding to a disruption, which reduces uncertainty and helps employees focus on recovery efforts.
  • Helps companies identify and assess potential risks and provides strategies for mitigating those risks, which helps to minimize the impact of a disruption.
  • For companies that are subject to regulations, a Business Interruption Plan can help ensure compliance and reduce the risk of penalties.

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