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Secure your family's health with Smeera's Family Floater Plan

Protect your loved ones and your peace of mind with our comprehensive family floater plan, designed to keep your family healthy and happy.

What is a family floater Plan?

A family floater plan is a type of health insurance policy that covers the medical expenses of an entire family under a single plan. It is an affordable and convenient option for families who want to ensure that all members of the family have access to quality healthcare without worrying about individual policies, premiums, and deductibles. In a family floater plan, a fixed sum insured is shared by all family members, which means that any member can utilise the entire sum insured or a part of it in case of a medical emergency. The policy covers hospitalisation expenses, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, and other medical expenses, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage for all members of the family under a single plan. This means that all medical expenses, including hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, and day-care procedures, are covered under the plan.
  • Cost-effective option as compared to buying individual health insurance policies for each family member. The premium for a family floater plan is usually lower than the combined premium of individual policies.
  • Offers the flexibility to add new members to the plan or remove existing ones, depending on the family's changing healthcare needs.
  • Offer tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, which allows the policyholder to claim a deduction for the premium paid towards the policy.

  • Doctor's fees, surgeon's fees, anaesthetist's fees, and consultation fees.
  • Diagnostic tests, including blood tests, X-rays, MRI scans, and CT scans.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses, including consultation fees, medicines, and diagnostic tests.
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses.
  • Alternative treatments, including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Unani.

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