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Steady returns for a secure tomorrow

Maximize your returns and minimize your risk with Smeera’s Guaranteed Income Plan.

What is a Guaranteed Income Policy?

A Guaranteed Income Plan is a financial product that provides a guaranteed return on investment. This type of plan is typically marketed as a low-risk investment option, offering a steady stream of income for the investor. The returns are often guaranteed for the duration of the plan and may include bonuses, such as revisionary or terminal bonuses, that increase the overall return on investment. The goal of a Guaranteed Income Plan is to provide investors with a stable source of income, while also preserving the principal investment amount. 


  • Guaranteed return on investment which will provide peace of mind for investors who are looking for a low-risk investment option.
  • Provides a steady stream of income over the duration of the plan, which can be used to supplement other sources of income.
  • Offer bonus payouts in the form of revisionary or terminal bonuses, which can increase the overall return on investment.
  • The principal investment amount is typically protected so that the investor can be confident that their investment will not decrease in value.
  • Offer tax benefits for the investor, depending on the specific plan and jurisdiction.
  • Usually offer a variety of options for the investor, such as different terms, payment frequencies, and investment amounts, which can provide flexibility and help to meet specific financial goals.

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