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Educational Institution Package

S.Meera has introduced a package policy tailored specifically for an educational institution that aims at providing comprehensive protection that includes property protection, money insurance, workmen’s compensation, and more. You have the freedom to select the coverage you prefer, and we will customize the policy to meet your specific requirements.

  • Covers losses brought on by specified risks such as fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, and implosion, as well as a riot, strike, malicious damage, storm, tempest, flood, and inundation.
  • Includes coverage for external data media costs as well as risks like fire, burglary, acts of God (AOG), accidents, and material loss caused by abrupt, unforeseen catastrophes.
  • Offers protection against financial losses brought on by mechanical, electrical, and other malfunctions caused by both internal and external factors.
  • Covers your institution against loss or damage to insured property caused by fire, riot, strike, accident, or any other unforeseen cause anywhere within the specified geographical area.
  • Covers financial damage incurred as a result of an employee's theft of employer property while performing their job. This includes theft of goods or money.