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Gift your loved ones a perfect future with our Gift Funds

Smeera’s gift funds can be a great way to provide your loved ones with a secure financial future. They allow you to invest in your future by putting money into a savings or investment account that can be used for specific purposes such as education, retirement, or other long-term goals. This can be a thoughtful and practical way to show your love and support can have a lasting impact on their financial well-being.

What is a gift fund?

A gift fund is a type of investment account that is designed to receive gifts or contributions from multiple people, usually family members or close friends, for a specific purpose such as a child’s education, a down payment on a home, or retirement savings. The money in the gift fund can be invested in a variety of assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with the aim of growing the account balance over time. 


  • Provide tax benefits for both the giver and the recipient. Depending on the type of account and the amount of the gift, it may be possible to take advantage of tax-deferred growth or tax-free withdrawals.
  • Can help your loved ones build a nest egg for their future. This can be especially helpful for things like education expenses, down payments on a home, or retirement savings.
  • Easy to set up and can be managed by a designated custodian, which can make it simple for multiple people to contribute.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, making them a flexible and adaptable way to save for the future.

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