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Smeera Liquid Fund: Safe and Secure Investment for Short-Term Goals

Navigate market fluctuations and secure your financial future with our Liquid Fund.

What is a Liquid Fund?
Liquid funds are a kind of debt fund that offer loans to businesses for up to 91 days. Due to their exceptionally short lending tenure, these funds are the safest of all mutual fund categories.

Who should invest in liquid funds?
Liquid funds are suitable for individuals looking for a low-risk investment option with a moderate return and easy liquidity. They are ideal for short-term investment goals, such as saving for a down payment on a home, paying off debt, or covering unexpected expenses. They are also a good option for individuals who have surplus funds and want to park their money temporarily.

Investors who have a low-risk tolerance, are looking for a safe haven for their money, and want to earn better returns than a savings account, should consider investing in a liquid fund. They are also ideal for individuals who need to access their funds quickly, as they offer easy and fast liquidity with low exit loads.

  • Unlike a fixed deposit, no lock-in time or penalties are applied when money is withdrawn from a liquid fund.
  • The exit load is typically zero but may be imposed as specified in the scheme information document.
  • Due to their high liquidity and investments in assets with good credit ratings, liquid mutual funds have the lowest interest rate risk.
  • While a dividend distribution tax is in place, liquid fund payouts are not subject to taxation for the investor.

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