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Motor Insurance Plans that fit any budget

Smeera offers many coverage options ranging from auto insurance for yourself to rental cars and more.

What is motor insurance?

Motor insurance is a must-have for vehicles like cars, trucks, jeeps, bikes, and scooters. It provides financial protection for the vehicle owner or driver against losses resulting from accidents or damage.

In India, having a valid motor insurance policy is not just advisable, it is required by law. The government enforces this requirement to ensure the safety of individuals who use motor vehicles on a daily basis.

As a vehicle is often one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime, after their home, it is important to protect that investment from unexpected events. The cost of repairing a damaged vehicle can be substantial, and an accident can put a significant strain on one’s finances.

Although the yearly premium for motor insurance may seem small in comparison to the protection it provides, it is still a wise investment. The policy offers coverage for physical damage that may occur under various circumstances, dispelling any misconceptions.


  • Obtaining motor vehicle insurance with minimal effort is easy with online websites like Smeera.
  • You can obtain comprehensive or third-party insurance for complete protection.
  • Renewing your insurance is also a breeze, as you can do so online without having to travel or fill out cumbersome forms. This saves you time and effort.
  • Protection of vehicles against both natural and man-made disasters, including floods, earthquakes, theft, accidents, and vandalism.
  • Third-party liability coverage is included to cover losses sustained by others.

  • Third-Party Liability Protection
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Coverage for Man-made Disasters.

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